New task: Get my sd-card reader working…

New task of the day: Get my sd-card reader in my laptop working. My Lenovo IdeaPad is nice and everything but sometimes there are some annoying things. Like a not working sd-card reader. There absolut no reaction on Ubuntu if I insert a sd-card… Maybe, I will find out 🙂

rmmod ehci_hcd doesn’t work
“echo “usb-storage” >> /etc/modules; modprobe usb-storage” was promising, but doesn’t work either

What do I know? My laptop has a “Realtek Semiconductor Corp.” sd-card reader.
If I insert an sd-card, dmesg will show


Wohoo, 11.10 fixes this problem! I’m able to use sd-cards! Not that I realy use them, but it’s nice to know, I could

Problems… Weird ones…

I just bought a nice and sleek Asus 23″ Display for my PC. Because of my old Hardware, I’am not able to attach it via HDMI to it. Good for me I’ve had my Lenovo IdeaPad Z370. I’ve attached it to the display and you know what? It works. Just out of the box…

… Until I decided, to change the alignment of the two displays (the Asus and the laptop one). It works fine if the big display is right of the small laptop monitor. If I choose to have the big one left of the small one, I’ve got a weird behaviour: The Asus display won’t show the lower-left part of the screen!

See the two pictures attached for details:

Bildschirmfoto1.png was captured with the external Asus display on the right, Bildschirmfoto2.png with the external Asus Display on the left. The point of disapprovement is the left black part on bildschirmfoto2.png. The black parts on the screenshots are usable for the mouse (the cursor will get rendered) but no window will get rendered. It’s the same behaviour like the black parts on the right side, where in reality is no display (because of the lower resolution on the laptop display)

My guess is, that some of the internals (x? gnome? some fancy abstraction layer?) think that there is no display. But… why?

Technical data:
Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 on 1366 x 768
Display: Asus VS247H 23,6 Inch (connected via HDMI) on 1920 x 1080
OS: Ubuntu 11.04 (Kernel 2.6.38-10)

Ubuntu on Lenovo IdeaPad Z370

This post is designed for everyone who considers to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 and plans to install Ubuntu 11.04 on it.

The Z370 is a cheap (around 430€) , 13,3″ wide screen laptop with an core I3 2nd generation CPU and 4 gig ram. About Ubuntu I don’t have say anything. On the other hand I have to mention the problems regarding laptop hardware support.

Long story short: There are problems, but none of them are serious.

Here is an overview of problems I’ve registered so far:

The special keys (volume up, down, mute) aren’t supportet. That wouldn’t be a problem, if a key press of one of these three keys wouldn’t evoke a crash on the unity or gnome pannels…

Another problem is the Ubuntu keyring. It seems to have problems to remember my ssh passphrases. I don’t know if this is a problem emerging only on Ubuntu + Z370 but, so far I have no solution for this problem.

Beside these problems, everything is fine. The Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 is a subnotebook, which is worth its salt. For an improved user experience you can add an SSD harddisk (which I did) and boot your laptop in roughly 15 to 18 seconds.


As mentioned in my later posts there a two additional problems with Ubuntu: The sd-card reader doesn’t work and the extra monitor is a little bit weird