Dell XPS 13 9360 – Trackpad Issue

Summary: My Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop has issues with the touchpad. The Dell support site is the pure horror but the Dell support team via Facebook is fast and helpful.

Long story: Several days ago the trackpad stopped working. It started when I connected a Apple Magic Mouse for more convenient playing. When I disconnected the mouse, I realized that the trackpad stopped working. Thinking the laptop just swallowed up I restarted the system. And sure enough, the trackpad worked again… for some hours. After that I just stopped working again. Sometimes it repeaired it self to the point that I could use it, but no multi touch gestures (pinch, scroll etc) would work. I had a look in the Hardware-Manager of Windows and saw a yellow exclamation mark next to a I2C HID-Device. The error message states “A request for the HID descriptor failed”, what ever that means.

Error Message in device Manager
Error Message in device Manager

Unfortunatelly there is no solution known to me. In the Dell forum two threads (one, two) describe my problem yet nothing seem to solve their issue. I’ll see the Dell support for this :-/

Update 08.03.2017

After reinstalling Windows 10 and installing all drivers from the Dell website for my laptop the issue still persists. Therefore I rule out wrong configuration and wrongly installed drivers.

I tried to make sense of the Dell Support site, but am utterly displeased. You are always forced to download Dell System Detect, regardless if it is already downloaded and installed. Chat Support is not available, Mail Support redirects to the same page again and I try to avoid telephone support because of the international calling fees (I’m in Australia atm). I asked the Dell Facebook team when the chat is avialable… Stay tuned.

Related but not Dells fault: Obviously the disk I made my backup on, starts to fault… As if a broken laptop isn’t enough…

Update 22.03.2017

After reaching out to Dell via Facebook a service member reached out to me. Four hours after my message to the Facebook page I had a service call, a remote session and reference number for replacement. As I had booked a flight to Japan the support asked me to get in touch with Dell Japan as soon as I arrived.

In Japan I had some problems with the support (for a on-site replacement I need to be able to speak Japanese) and I was not keen to hand in my laptop while I’m travelling… So I decided to roll with the punches and use an external mouse for the rest of the holiday. I’ll start the support process again as soon as I’m back in Germany

Solved: ImageJ / Fiji error: “IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice”

For my master thesis I am experimenting with ImageJ / Fiji. While working with some image registration algorithms I happend to run in a strange bug I couldn’t explain to me:

Workaround / Fix:

If you happen to have this bug make sure all instances of ImageJ / Fiji windows are on the same monitor. This bug only occured to me when my Fiji toolbar window was on my main monitor and the plugin windows (Image Sequence loader and Linear Stack Allignment with SIFT) were on my secondary screen.


If you want to reproduce this issue, use a system with the above mentioned spec (see stacktrace).

  1. Open Fiji on the main display
  2. Use “File / Import / Image Sequence…” to load at least two images
  3. Execute “Plugin / Registration / Linear Stack Allignment with SIFT” on the images
  4. When the registration is performed, move all Fiji windows but the Fiji toolbar to a second display
  5. Close all the Fiji windows but keep the Fiji toolbar open
  6. Repeat step 2) and 3)
  7. Exception gets thrown


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