Improve energy consumption with Ubuntu and Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (sandy bridge-chipset)

Update 2015-03-15: As Antiplex mentioned in the comments, the resources are slighlty out of date. An update is pending

I use my laptop (Lenovo Z370, with Ubuntu 11.10) a lot in the college. Unfortunatly there aren’t enough plugs in the wall for all students and I’m not willing to bring a plug board with me every time. So my approach to the problem was to improve the energy consumption of my laptop. I already had an energy plan with display dimming after two minutes and deactivate bluetooth by default (I don’t have any bluetooth gadget, so why bother).

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Ubuntu 11.10 + Lenovo Ideapad Z370

Two days ago I’ve updated Ubuntu to 11.10 and it worked well.

I started from scratch, so I won’t have to deal with “old” problems:

Here is my setup:

  • Plain vanilla Lenovo Z370
  • Harddrive was replaced by a 60 Gb Sata2 SSD
  • Ubuntu 11.10 (Desktop edition)
  • I installed the IdeaPad Driver Package (get it here) to get rid of a lot of the “Keycode 240”

On the pro side:

  • The sd-card reader works out of the f**king box!
  • The key manager works!
  • Fn + F1 = Suspend to ram!
  • Fn + F2 = Switch the Backlite off
  • Fn + F5 = Switch all wireless connections off
  • Fn + F8 = Activates Num “block”
  • Fn +F9-F12 = Media keys (Play, Stop, Next, Previous) tested in Banshee
  • Fn + Arrow left + Arrow right = Louder and quiter

On the down side:

  • Special keys 1-3 kill the deskop
  • Special keys 4-5 didn’t work
  • Frequently sended “keycode 240” interupts the standby
  • Fn functions:
  • Fn + Esc = Nothing happens (should disable the camera)
  • Fn + F4 = No function (should do …)
  • Fn + F6 = No function (should disable the touchpad)
  • Fn + Arrow Up, Arrow Down (is a little bit buggy) (Should adjust the intensity of the backlite)


  • HDMI connection with my 23″ Monitor
  • Fn + F3 = Switch between display modes (for beamer and external displays)


  • The new Ubuntu feels like it uses more energy (which I can’t prove right now)

New task: Get my sd-card reader working…

New task of the day: Get my sd-card reader in my laptop working. My Lenovo IdeaPad is nice and everything but sometimes there are some annoying things. Like a not working sd-card reader. There absolut no reaction on Ubuntu if I insert a sd-card… Maybe, I will find out 🙂

rmmod ehci_hcd doesn’t work
“echo “usb-storage” >> /etc/modules; modprobe usb-storage” was promising, but doesn’t work either

What do I know? My laptop has a “Realtek Semiconductor Corp.” sd-card reader.
If I insert an sd-card, dmesg will show


Wohoo, 11.10 fixes this problem! I’m able to use sd-cards! Not that I realy use them, but it’s nice to know, I could